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Stay on top of maintenance between annual checkups with an interim car service. Our expert technicians, trained by the Institute of the Motor Industry, have all the tools and experience to keep your vehicle ticking over safely and reliably.

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To ensure that your car runs at its best, we only use proper Original Equipment (OE) or equivalent-quality parts. With a combination of information from Autodata and your vehicle's service history, we carry out the service plan best suited to your car for maximum effectiveness. And for added peace of mind, our interim service packages come guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles as standard.

With over 180 locations around the UK, we're ready to provide a quality interim car service near you. Book your appointment below or get in touch 0333 060 1992 or  email to find out more. Prices start from just £109!

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Why should you get an interim car service?

Interim car services are the ideal solution to keep on top of your vehicle maintenance between more comprehensive annual checks. But they're also a good idea for drivers with relatively new cars who are looking for a yearly or bi-yearly car service to preserve their motor.

Regular servicing can prevent excessive wear and tear on your car's parts and components but may also identify faults or damage that could cause more serious issues down the road. An interim car service is a 48 point inspection and our technician will carry out checks on many key aspects of your vehicle. However, it doesn’t look at everything, unlike one of our full car service packages.

If you're waiting to get a full service with your MOT at renewal time, an interim car service may be the best solution to fill the gap until your vehicle is ready for a more thorough inspection.

What’s included in an interim car service?

Perfect for everyday, problem-free driving, our interim car service package consists of a 48-point inspection that covers many of the most important parts, components and systems of your vehicle. It's an upgrade from our basic car service offering.

Our interim car service checklist includes:

·        Engine inspection: Oil leak, oil and filter, fan and alternator, auxiliary belts, antifreeze and timing belt schedule

·        Electrical components: Interior and exterior lights, warning lights, battery charge and terminals, HT leads and distributor cap, horn

·        Drive system and fluids: Driveshaft, joints, gaiters and boots plus clutch and axle oil

·        Steering and suspension: Power steering system and fluid, steering components, steering rack gaiters, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, suspension

·        Windscreens and mirrors: Washers and wipers, windscreen washing fluid, windscreen damage and security, interior and exterior mirrors, number plates

·        Exhaust system: Exhaust system and catalysts

·        Braking: Brake pads, callipers, shoes, wheel cylinders, brake discs and drums, brake fluid boiling point, brake hydraulic system, handbrake, ABD warning light, brake fluid level

·        Tyres: Tread depth, pressures, condition, wear, age, spare tyres, TPMS valves, TPMS warning lights and sensors

·        Miscellaneous: Reset vehicle service light, lubricate door hinges, seatbelts, road test and logbook stamp

If you're unsure about which servicing package your car needs, refer to your service booklet and vehicle handbook for more specific information about your motor. We're also happy to help with anything we can, so get in contact with your local your local Protyre garage.

Our full, interim and basic services are designed to give drivers a range of options to look after their car. For a better idea of the difference between these products, click the button below.

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How much does an interim car service cost?

From one of our Protyre garages, an interim car service costs as little as £109. This excellent value means you can stay on top of your car maintenance without breaking the bank.

The final cost of your interim service may be more than this if we need to replace or fix certain components. However, this will depend on the results of the checkup and whether any aspects of your car need further attention.

How long does an interim car service take?

Our highly skilled technicians usually complete an interim car service in around an hour and a half to two hours. Exact timings will depend on the condition of your car, how many maintenance issues are discovered, and whether your tester has all the right items from you, such as the keys, service booklet and wheel nuts. Don't forget these!

Why get an interim service and MOT together?

At Protyre, we offer our customers the best deals possible, which is one of the reasons why we encourage drivers to book a service and MOT at the same time. Not only can you reduce your maintenance costs, but you’ll also save yourself another trip to the garage!

We'll run your car through our servicing checklist before it's MOT so you can relax with more confidence that your vehicle will pass the test. An interim service before an MOT is a great option if you've already had it serviced earlier in the year.

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Where is my nearest Protyre garage?

Not sure where your closest garage is? No problem! Use our Protyre garage locator to find out. Simply follow the link below and enter your postcode in the search bar.

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While our prices are competitive, servicing pricing may vary depending on engine size and vehicle type. Luxury cars, certain vehicle marques and engines over 2.5L may be subject to change.

Interim car service FAQs

You're not legally required to service your vehicle, but it's a smart thing to do. An interim service can help to preserve and protect your car for longer, and allow you to stay on top of maintenance between more comprehensive full car services that you're recommended to do annually. It's a cost-effective way to let the experts take care of your motor and perform essential maintenance tasks so you don't have to.

Yes, interim car services performed by Protyre include inspection and testing of the battery. If all is working as expected, you can have confidence in your electrical unit for many miles to come.

Yes, we change your vehicle's engine oil and filters during an interim car service, as we do in our other packages too. This helps your motor to run more efficiently and protects the engine from overheating and other forms of damage.

For older cars, we recommend having an interim car service every six months either between or instead of more comprehensive annual checkups. If you're driving a newer model, an annual interim car service may be enough to maintain your car for the first few years of its life. A full car service is the only package that checks all aspects of your car though.