Car EngineI need a car service - What do I have to do?

Years of experience tell us that maintaining your car and getting it serviced regularly can significantly reduce the risk of hefty bills in the future. That’s because you’re more likely to catch any potential problems early on before they turn into major issues. Cars that are well serviced also remain fuel efficient, saving you even more money in the long run. A full service history also adds to the value of the car when it's time to sell or trade it in.
You’ll know that your car needs a service because it will either tell you itself through an alert on the dashboard or because you have reached a specific mileage or time interval since the last service, as defined in the owner's manual. Service types and intervals vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer and across different models. If you're in any doubt, our friendly team will be very happy to provide further information and advice.

Know your service intervals

Your car’s owner's manual will not only tell you how often your car should be serviced, but it will tell you how often regular checks are required. Some components degrade over time, for example, certain gaskets or seals, whilst the service interval for others is very much determined by mileage.
The manual will enable you to determine what type of service your car requires. In broad terms, there are normally three types which range in thoroughness. A full/major service is commonly required every 24,000 miles or after 24 months. There will normally be an interim service taking place every 12,000 miles or after a year and an oil/check-up service which may be required after 6,000 miles or six months.

Not sure which service your vehicle requires?
No problem! Protyre offer 3 service packages, Gold (Full), Silver (Interim), Bronze (Oil). Click on an option below for more information:

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Tiered service

So what's involved in a car service? A lower tier service will typically check your engine oil, the oil filter and a basic vehicle check including tyres. At the opposite end of the scale, a full/major service will cover all of these items, in addition to a detailed inspection of the engine, ignition, transmission, electrical systems, suspension and other key components. Certain fluids, seals, and other consumables such as filters will be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
Your mileage and style of driving will be the main determinants of service frequency. For example, a driver covering 2000 miles per month may need a major service every year. Our service tiers have been designed to reflect the most common manufacturer recommendations but we never take a 'one size fits all' approach to servicing and our skilled technicians will ensure that they adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines.
Given the scale of our operation, we source genuine manufacturer parts in high volumes and can, therefore, pass on extremely competitive pricing to our clients. As one of the fastest growing businesses of our type in the UK, we can also offer low prices on any replacement tyres that may be required, whether you are running on Pirelli, Sumitomo or any of a wide range of other leading manufacturers.

Protyre offer 3 different packages; Gold, Silver and Bronze, that suit any customer requirement. Click here to find out more about what is included in each option.

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