How much does a car service cost on average?

Whether it's been a while since your last service and you've forgotten how much you should expect to pay, or you've had a quote and want to check you're not paying too much, this article aims to outline some of the average costs associated with car servicing in the UK.
The average cost for a basic car service in the UK is around £125. However, it will sometimes be possible to find a cheaper deal if you are prepared to shop around and try a number of different providers. There are also likely to be regional differences in the total cost that you can expect to pay, so you might find that you will pay considerably more or less, depending on the part of the country that you live in.

How often should I service my car?

It is generally recommended that you book your car in for a service at least every 12 months. This will ensure that your car is kept in the best possible condition and that any minor issues can be found and addressed before they develop into major problems. However, there are also certain mileage and age milestones that you should bear in mind when deciding how often to service your car. Your car manual should contain all the information that you need about how often to service your vehicle.

Ways to save money on car servicing

Caring for your car properly can save you money in the long-run. While you might think it's acceptable to skip a service from time to time because your car is running well and there are no noticeable issues, this can end up being a costly mistake. Not only is a well-maintained car safer and far more efficient - meaning that you will potentially save money on running costs - but a reputable mechanic will also be able to spot minor issues before they become more serious.
If you skip car services and more serious problems develop, you might receive an unpleasant surprise when it's time to fix them. Here are a few costs that could potentially be avoided if a car is properly maintained and serviced regularly by a professional:
Average cost of replacing a radiator: £450 Average cost of replacing a water pump: £250 Average cost of an engine exchange: £2,600 Average cost of replacing a cylinder head gasket: £540
All these costs dwarf the £125 average cost of a basic service.

How to ensure you are getting a fair price

Always check your vehicle's service manual before arranging a service and find out what your specific service should involve; for example, do you need a service for a certain number of miles covered, or has your car recently hit an age milestone? And what checks does the manufacturer recommend at this milestone? When you know what your vehicle requires in terms of checks, obtain your quote and ask for a breakdown of all the work that this includes. Asking for recommendations from friends and family members is a good way of finding a reputable and trustworthy car service provider in your area.

Use the experts

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