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When does my new car need its first service?

A new vehicle is exciting, with its lovely, glossy exterior, pristine windscreen, an engine so clean you could cook your dinner on it, and - of course - that intoxicating new car smell. While a new car may seem perfect in every way, it will still require servicing to keep it running at its best and rectify small issues of wear and tear before they become major problems.
If you want your new vehicle to remain in good condition and give you many years of service, you have probably heeded the advice of the dealer or manufacturer about treating the engine gently while you run it in. There is some debate about whether new engines with advanced technology need to be run in, but it won’t hurt to drive with care for the first 500 miles. The first service generally takes place when the car is 12 months old or has completed a certain mileage, depending on which comes first.
The vehicle’s manual will provide more details of exactly when the manufacturer recommends the first service takes place. It is a good idea to read and take note of this, as this first service within the appropriate timeframe or mileage may be necessary for the warranty to remain valid. The car will not have to be serviced by the manufacturer; instead, you can take the car to a local garage that uses approved parts.
Protyre operates a large network of more than 184 garages throughout the country, so finding one is easy. Our staff are fully-qualified and happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are not sure about anything, just give our friendly mechanics a call or book in for a free assessment.

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The first service is usually fairly straightforward. It will include changing the oil and the oil filter, and possibly the air filter. The car is still quite new and as long as the driver has not been pretending to be Lewis Hamilton, the car should not require a massive amount of attention. Do not be tempted to start changing or adjusting things yourself, however, as this could invalidate the car’s warranty. The best option is to allow the professionals to carry out the first service.
A second service follows the same basic guidelines as stipulated by the manufacturer, with the options of minor or interim services and a full service that assesses many more features. When your new car is three years old, you will need to get an MOT every year.
Protyre offers bronze, silver and gold service options - from check up to full service - enabling motorists to choose the service level they need. As the car gets older, an MOT can be purchased with the service package to save you money.
Protyre is one of the largest networks of garages to be approved by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) and carries out many thousands of services and MOTs each year.
Protyre has earned an enviable reputation for great customer service, and we look forward to serving you; in addition, there are free MOT retests for all our valued customers.

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