Car Servicing

What do I need to take to my car servicing appointment?

Taking your car to be serviced is not like taking your car for its MOT. You can’t fail a service; in fact, your garage should identify any potential failure points, which can be corrected before an MOT. This is the reason drivers often book the two appointments together.

What can I expect from a car service?

Depending on the level of car servicing your garage offers, your mechanic will check inside and outside the car to make sure everything is running as it should. They will also check for wear and tear on parts and perform an oil and filter change.
The amount of time your service takes will depend on whether you have chosen a check-up service (bronze), intermediate service (silver) or full service (gold). If the service turns up any issues that need to be resolved, additional time will be required.

What service packages do Protyre offer?

Protyre offer a three-tiered Gold (Major), Silver (Full) and Bronze (Interim) service platform to provide customers with service plans that suit any requirement. Check out our Major, Full and Interim service packages by selecting an option below:

Gold Service(Major)Silver Service(Full)Bronze Service(Interim)

Why do I need to get my car serviced?

With the rising cost of motoring, it can be tempting to skip your annual service; however, this is a false economy. If you don’t catch wear and tear early enough, you can end up paying considerably more for the full replacement of parts or suffer the inconvenience of a breakdown. If your car is regularly serviced, it not only runs more smoothly but is also far more economical to run.
Having a regular health check on your car is also essential for overall safety, as your tyres, brakes and suspension will all be routinely checked and any issues rectified before they can become dangerous. You will have the peace of mind that your car is running at optimum performance both for fuel economy and safety.
Not only will regular servicing boost the longevity of your car but also a full-service history is a real asset when you come to sell your car or trade it in.

Can I have my car serviced anywhere?

Thanks to the European Union’s Block Exemption Regulations, you can have your car serviced anywhere without invalidating the warranty. This is good news, as it means you can shop around without being tied into dealership servicing, which can often be expensive.

What can I check before my car is serviced?

It is a good idea to check for minor issues such as screen wash, tyre pressure and oil before you take your car in for its service, as your garage may charge for these tasks. It pays to have a quick checklist for a pre-service check, as it is relatively quick and cost effective to replace light bulb yourself; in this way, your budget can be used to keep brakes and suspension up to scratch.

What do I need to take with me when I get my car serviced?

Technically you don’t need to take anything, as the service is not like the MOT where you must present certain paperwork; however, if you want to have a complete service history and you still have a service book, make sure you take it with you and get the servicing stamp and the bodywork check stamp. Some car manufacturers have now moved to service certificates, so you won’t have a service manual. Don’t forget your locking wheel nuts, if necessary, and don’t walk off with your car keys in your pocket!

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