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Protyre services all Peugeot models including the 107, 108, 208, 2008, 308 and the 3008 series.

If you want to save money on your Peugeot service but want the same quality as you'd receive from a Peugeot dealer, you've come to the right place.

Our Peugeot services will cost you less, no matter what model you drive –106, 206, 4x4 or Convertible– our expert team will work their magic to ensure your Peugeot leaves Protyre in excellent condition.

Protyre's Servicing Options

A service every year will keep your car in the best possible condition. Protyre has designed three levels of service to meet your needs. The servicing levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze Check Up Servicing Level

Our Bronze servicing level is ideal for those who regularly use their vehicle for travelling in the city or for high mileage but need a peace of mind in between the annual services.

This service includes an oil and filter change, inspection and topping up of anti-freeze, the checking of the battery and more.

Silver Interim Servicing Level

Our Silver servicing level is recommended to maintain your vehicle efficiency for a longer duration of time and to help reduce the risk of breakdowns.

The Silver servicing level includes all the basics of the Bronze level but takes further steps by inspecting the alternator, battery terminals, brake pads and more.

Gold Full Servicing Level

The Gold servicing level is the most comprehensive servicing option.

This option includes all the benefits of the Bronze and Silver but inspects the fuel filter, the radiator, the clutch and more.

Quality Guaranteed Servicing

Our technicians are all experts that use only quality parts and the latest diagnostic equipment. Protyre can answer all your questions quickly and efficiently. We offer a friendly service, the highest levels of staff training and the very best equipment available so you can be assured that, no matter what model of Peugeot you own, you'll receive the same fantastic service at a price you can afford.

Servicing Specific to Your Car

Protyre's service technicians use 'original equipment' standard or genuine parts. Peugeot service standards are used to ensure that the service carried out with regards to your car's make, model, age and mileage. And of course, best of all Protyre will protect Peugeot's vehicle warranty. 

Affordable Pricing

Our services come in a range of cost effective options.

Protyre services all Peugeot models including 107, 108, 2008, 208, 3008 and 308 series with pricing starting at £79.00 for a Bronze level service, £79.96 for a Silver level service and £129.95 for a Gold level service.


We carry out every vehicle services to meet or exceed Peugeot's standards and since 2003's 'Block Exemption' legislation your warranty is protected as well.

Add an MOT

When you book your car or van for a servicing use the time to book an MOT at one of our VOSA approved test centres. Let one of our trained and qualified testers make sure your vehicle is inspected to the highest standard.

Book Now

So why are you waiting? Let us give you a quote that will be specifically tailored to your car's age, model and mileage.


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