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Protyre services all BMW vehicles, including BMW 3, BMW 4, BMW 5 and BMW 6 series.

Servicing is also available for all BMW M series models including the M1 and M4. Servicing options are available for the X3 and X5 as well.

Do you need professional servicing for your BMW car? Whatever BMW model you own, Protyre will provide quality servicing and customer care. Protyre is a leading independent garage in the UK that promises services that match the standards of your main BMW dealer, but with far less cost.

Protyre's Servicing Options

Protyre provides a broad range effective servicing options for you BMW car. We offer three distinct levels of service designed to meet your specific needs. The three servicing levels are a Bronze (Interim) service, a Silver (Full Service), and a Gold (Major) service.

Bronze Check Up Servicing Level

Our Bronze servicing level is ideal for those who regularly use their vehicle for travelling in or around the city or for high mileage but need a peace of mind in between annual services.

This service includes an oil and filter change, inspection and topping up of anti-freeze, the checking of the battery and more.

Silver Interim Servicing Level

Our Silver servicing level is recommended to maintain your vehicle effectively for a longer duration of time and to help reduce the risk of breakdowns.

The Silver servicing level includes all the basics of the bronze level but takes further steps by inspecting the alternator, battery terminals, brake pads and more.

Gold Full Servicing Level

The Gold servicing level is the most comprehensive servicing option.

This option includes all the benefits of the Bronze and Silver, but inspects the fuel filter, inspects the radiator, inspects the clutch and more.

Quality Guaranteed Servicing

We have a specialised team of highly skilled technicians whose mission is always to go beyond your expectations in delivering outstanding service quality. 

Servicing Specific to Your Car

Our skilled technicians will also give you invaluable tips and advice on how to keep your vehicle as good as new regardless of its condition, age and history.

Protyre provides dedicated service offering specific to you BMW car model and manufacturer. For example, if your BMW X3 needs some TLC, you will find a vast range of cost effective servicing designed to suit your vehicle model.

Affordable Pricing

At Protyre, we match the servicing quality standards of BMW dealership with much less cost compared to you primary dealer. We can provide equivalent quality at much lower prices because Independent garages have lower overheads than franchised BMW dealerships. That gives them the ability to offer the same level and standards of service provided by franchised BMW dealers with considerable cost reduction. 

Servicing costs for all BMW series, including BMW 1, BMW 3, BMW 4, BMW 5 and BMW 6, begin at £79.00 for Bronze level servicing, £79.96 for Silver level servicing and £129.95 for Gold level servicing.

Protyre services all BMW M series models including the M1 and M4. Servicing options are available for the X3 and X5 as well.

Protected Warranty

If your car is still within the warranty period, the use of our servicing options doesn't by any mean invalidate your warranty. Your vehicle's warranty is legally protected by the BER legislation issued in 2003 by the European Parliament. The legislation banned manufacturers from forcing car owners to go to authorised dealerships for servicing as a condition to uphold the warranty. 

Add an MOT

At Protyre, you also can book an MOT along with your initial service. We decided to make MOT booking available with low cost. Protyre's customers can trust that their vehicle will receive an MOT inspection accordance with the highest standards.

Book Now

From the get go, Protyre took upon itself the mission of providing an equivalent alternative to franchised BMW dealers servicing. So if you are a keen driver who wants to follow BMW’s recommended service schedule and to save cost at the same time, we are the service provider you need. Do not wait, book now.


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