A road trip is one of the many great things about summer time. This year an estimated seven million of us will use our cars to transport ourselves on our annual summer holiday. A lot of people don't realise that long periods of heat can do more damage to a car than freezing winter conditions. 

With temperatures set to soar, whether you’re going to be driving at home or abroad you can ensure your safety and comfort by following our top five tips: 

  • 1). Check your windscreen washer fluid level and ensure your washer jets are adjusted correctly.  Dirt and dust on your windscreen catches the sunlight and can lower your visibility.
  • 2). Don’t forget to plan enough time in your journey to take a refreshing 20 minute break when travelling 2 hours or more.  The hot summer weather and long journeys bring tiredness that can be alleviated with a stretch of the legs and something to eat or drink.
  • 3). High temperatures increase the risk of tyre failure. Check your sidewalls for irregularities such as gouges or cuts. For the ultimate peace of mind take advantage of our offer of a Free Vehicle Safety Check by completing the booking form below.
  • 4). Chippings can become loose from the road in summer, causing potential damage to headlights and windscreens.  Don’t forget to keep your speed and reduce your distance when road conditions deteriorate.
  • 5). If your car has air conditioning you may want to consider getting it serviced.  Air conditioning should be recharged with gas and lubricant every two years to run efficiently and effectively, ensuring that you stay cool on the road this summer.

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