Summer Holidays on the road

Setting off for those long Summer holidays may be the only time of year your vehicle gets a long journey – it may also be the time when you load the car with heavy luggage and the whole family.

Check Tyre Pressures

You should always check your tyre pressures – if you have a “full-load” check the owners manual or visit us and we will advise you on the correct pressure for your tyres. Don’t overfill your tyres if you are in doubt consult with your tyre supplier or a Protyre expert.

Check Battery

In hot weather your battery will have a shorter life and this coupled with the increased use of air conditioning systems can mean additional stress for your battery – check that it is working correctly.

Check Air Con

Most vehicles now have air conditioning – check it is working well if not it may be in need of a recharge – most vehicles will need to have their air conditioning recharged at least every other year – or at the very least checked.

Simple Summer Rules

Outlined below are a few simple Summer Rules to help you get through those long journeys. Always prepare – check out your vehicle before you drive. Preventative maintenance will save you time sitting on the side of motorways.


  • Battery
  • Under Bonnet Fluids
  • Tyres
  • Wipers
  • Lights

Key Tips:

Check your tyre pressures: You may need to increase the tyre pressure if you are either towing or are fully loaded. Don’t forget to remove pressure from your tyres when you return home.

Always check the spare: Make sure that it is working order and correctly inflated.

Travelling abroad? Different countries even within the European Union have different rules – so for instance in France you must carry at least 2 red reflective triangles if you are driving abroad check for any special rules.

To arrange a free Summer check on your vehicle's tyres then contact your nearest Protyre centre.