Getting ready for Spring driving

Spring road trips: Fall in love with driving again

The Spring is seen as the start of the driving season – the longer days and warmer weather see us preparing for longer journeys. It’s the time to make sure that any damage or wear on your vehicle over the winter is corrected before the long journeys.

Of course Spring is the time for showers and sudden rain so your windscreen wipers are again a vital part of your safety armoury. Longer journeys also put additional pressure on your engine – checking all those under bonnet fluids is vital make sure you have the correct level of oil and windscreen washer fluid.

You may also be taking out your caravan or towing a trailer – make sure that the tyres and brakes are in good working order and that tyres have not weathered, cracked or aged over the winter.

Many people will also be taking out motorcycles for the first ride out of the year – always check the tyres for wear and age.

Key Items to Check: 


  • Tread depth: The legal minimum is 1.6mm, however, ROSPA recommends that tyres should have at least 3mm of tread for safe driving.
  • Tyre pressures: Many cars are being driven with under inflated tyres and this can lead to premature wear, increased fuel consumption and increased CO2 emissions.
  • General condition: Bumps, cuts and other sidewall damage can potentially lead to a blow-out.
  • Uneven wear: Tyres/wheels could be misaligned and this can lead to premature replacement.
  • Age
  • Don’t forget to check the spare

Under The Bonnet

  • Check oil levels
  • Check screen wash levels
  • Check battery is charging correctly


  • Wipers: check for any wear or damage
  • Lights: check they are all working

Key Tips:

Change your winter tyres for either all season or Summer ones – winter tyres will work less well in temperatures over 7° and should be changed. Remember that you should store your winter tyres away safely – ideally in a proper tyre bag , although failing that in a black bin bag. Never store your tyres on the tread – always store them on the side.

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