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Yokohama Advan A036 Rally Tyre

Yokohama Rally Motorsport Tyre A036

High performance for all conditions. 

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Yokohama Advan A006T Rally Tyre

Yokohama Motorsport Tyre A006T

YOKOHAMA has an excellent reputation for asphalt tyres and this latest addition offers superb performance for tarmac rallying. 

It is FIA approved and can be cut to a wet pattern if required. Available in various compounds to compete in all weather conditions.

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Yokohama Advan A035 Rally Tyre

Yokohama Rally Motorsport Tyre A035

Gravel tyres from Japan. Strong new construction offered in a range of compounds providing a tyre suitable for the novice and the professional. 

Super Soft = A30 Compound

Soft = A50 Compound

Medium = A70 Compound

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