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Find out about the latest motorsport tyres currently available from Protyre Motorsport.  

Protyre Motorsport delivers a wide range of tyres to customers around the world, such as tyres for circuit, rally and motorcycle racing. We supply tyres from manufacturers including Michelin, Hoosier, Pirelli, Toyo and Yokohama.     

Pirelli Motorsport Tyres

Racing With Pirelli. Whether competing with factory teams at the highest level, or with club drivers on their local circuits Pirelli can be found at all types of racing venues around the world. Protyre are proud to supply Pirelli Motorsport Rally and Circuit Tyres.

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Toyo Motorsport Tyres

For track use, Toyo Tyres offer specially developed tyres which combat excess heat to give outstanding handling in the dry. Toyo Motorsport tyres available from Protyre Motorsport. 

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Michelin Motorsport Tyres

Protyre Motorsport offer the full range of the latest Michelin motorsport tyres. No matter what your requirements Michelin has created a tyre to suit your event. You can find out more about some of our most popular Michelin Motorsport tyres here. Protyre is able to supply Michelin Motorsport Circuit, Rally and Motorcycle Tyres.

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Yokohama Motorsport Tyres

Yokohama has a long and well established history in the world of Motorsport. Since its foundation in 1917 the commitment has grown and continues to develop to this day.

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Hoosier Motorsport Tyres

Hoosier Racing Tyres - "Designed For Champions" Protyre Motorsport offer a wide range of Hoosier motorsport tyres for all race disciplines. Whatever the tyre requirement may be, Hoosier have manufactured the solution to suit.

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