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Thank you for visiting the Protyre Information Hub. This section contains a range of useful information to help you with day to day maintenance of your vehicle and to spot potential issues before they become serious.

Please take a few moments to have a look at some items which might save you money and if there are any sections which you would like to see why not contact us and our trained experts may be able to help.

How to...

How to...

Not sure how to:

  • Check your tyre pressure?
  • Change a wiper blade?
  • Fill up your jet wash fluids?
  • Check your tyre tread depth?
  • Changing a headlamp bulb?
  • Understanding tyre sidewall information?

Here at Protyre we are not only specialists for tyre fitting services; our mechanics are also highly skilled technicians for all major makes and models of vehicle, so no matter what vehicle maintenance you require our how to section will help you better understand your vehicle and what our team can offer.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Save money by keeping your car in good shape, it also helps you get the best from your vehicle. With fewer emergencies and breakdowns on the road you will keep you and your family safe. 

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