Pirelli Love 2 Shop Voucher Promotion - October & November 2017

The customer is entitled to receive a Love2shop e-voucher for up to £20 providing they have purhased two or more Pirelli car or 4 x 4 tyres. Terms and conditions apply

  • purchase 2 or more qualifying Pirelli Tyres (rim size 17 & 18 inch) and receive a £10 Love2shop voucher
  • purchase 2 or more qualifying Pirelli Tyres (rim size 19+ inch) and receive a £20 Love2shop voucher  

Promotion is valid from 1st October to 30th November 2017. Terms & Conditions Apply

If you have purchased two or more 19"+ Pirelli tyres please click here to complete the correct form

For purchases of two or more 17 or 18" Pirelli tyres please complete the below form to make your claim: 

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