Students encouraged to study their tyres before travelling to university

Students encouraged to study their tyres before travelling to university

19 Sep

By Jason Simms

In the next few weeks students will either by embarking on a new journey to further their education at university, or returning after their extended summer break. While a lot of time will have been spent ensuring that they are prepped for studies, a pre-journey tyre check is often missed.

Six out of ten students will carry on driving while their vehicle is overloaded, a recent survey by Highways England* has revealed. It is more difficult to control the vehicle when this maximum load is exceeded, making an incident more likely. Therefore, it is vitally important to check the owner’s handbook where vehicle manufacturers detail how much weight a car, or van can carry.
By overloading a vehicle, more pressure is being put on the vehicle’s tyres which will lead to the increased likelihood of sudden and catastrophic failure while driving. Whether a vehicle is overloaded or not, all drivers should be paying close to tyre pressure. To accommodate extra weight, inflation settings will need to be increased. If the tyre pressure is incorrect for the load, it will increase wear, fuel consumption and the potential for an incident.
TyreSafe, the UK's leading tyre safety charity, recommend carrying out routine checks before a long journey to mitigate issues drivers can suffer. However, if you are unsure and need a little peace-of-mind, it is advisable to seek a professional opnion before setting off on long journeys. Protyre offer a variety of free vehicle checks and offer Free Tyre Checks at any garage within their expanding UK network. To book your vehicle in for a Free Tyre Check, click the button below:
Free Tyre Check
Shockingly, a recent TyreSafe survey has revealed that as many as one-in-three young drivers have never even checked their tyres!
Our checklist is easy to follow and can be printed off to be left in the vehicle as a reminder:
  • Air Pressure: Correct tyre pressures are shown on a sticker in your car's door shut, filler cap or in the owner's manual. Use an accurate pressure gauge to ensure they are right for the load as part of your pre-journey planning.
  • Condition: If stones or other objects caught between grooves in the tread can be removed without damaging the tyre, drivers are advised to do so. Bulges, cracks, cuts and embedded objects are cause for concern and need to be checked by your local Protyre experts.
  • Tread: If you don’t have access to an accurate tread depth gauge, a 20p coin can be used to see if your tyres’ tread depths are approaching the 1.6mm minimum limit. Insert the 20p at several points across and around each tyre. If you can see the coins outer rim at any point the tyre may be illegal and you should seek advice from a professional.

“The journey to university can be a long drive in a vehicle crammed with all the luggage and personal items students need to see them through the term. While parents can help with a tyre check before they leave, it’s a good opportunity to make sure their children are capable of carrying them out themselves. The journey to university should be a fond memory for students, not a cause for stress, so ensure the vehicle’s tyres are roadworthy before you set off.”
Stuart Jackson | TyreSafe Chairman

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Want to know more about TyreSafe?

TyreSafe was formed in 2006 to reduce the number of tyre-related incidents on Britain’s roads through raising awareness of the importance of tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres.
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