MTS – Team Protyre comes to the rescue of YouTube blogger Petrol Ped

MTS – Team Protyre comes to the rescue of YouTube blogger Petrol Ped

09 Sep

By Tom Boote

When YouTube blogger Petrol Ped’s modified Mini failed its MOT due to a TPMS failure, MTS – Team Protyre, were only too happy to help.

Petrol Ped is a YouTube blogger from Chichester who creates interesting and informative videos for automotive enthusiasts…luckily MTS has plenty of them too!
Petrol Ped has made several modifications to Ruby, his ‘pride and joy’ Mini, including upgrading the wheels from the standard OE (Original Equipment) to Team Dynamics 1.2’s and the tyres from the OE fitted to premium, high-performance, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres.
However, something that he did not consider was how these modifications would affect the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). After attempting to reset the TPMS multiple times with no luck, it became apparent that the new Team Dynamic wheels had no tyre pressure sensors on them. Although this was a little frustrating, it was not considered a major issue so the decision was to leave it.

However, little he know: “…if you have a tyre pressure warning system and it doesn’t work, that is an MOT failure!”
Got a TPMS system?

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Keen to learn a little more about TPMS?

Check out some of our handy guides and articles below or feel free to give your local garage a call where our staff will be happy to help with any enquiries.

After ringing his Mini garage, they were unable to help as the wheels were aftermarket so he gave his “very-trusted tyre fitting company”, Micheldever Tyres – Team Protyre, a call. As a customer of MTS – Team Protyre for over 15 years, Petrol Ped’s loyalty and faith was rewarded as Damion Gore, Retail Manager, and his team of technicians began running multiple diagnostics to address the issue.
Find out how they got on below:

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Petrol Ped was absolutely delighted that the team at MTS – Team Protyre could help him get out of his predicament:

“A massive thank you to Damion and the guys at MTS for basically sorting out my problem today, they are the most professional tyre fitment company I’ve ever been to.”

 “…If you are in the market and live in the South, Winchester way then I would highly recommend them.”

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​We look forward to seeing you soon!

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