Tyre Inflation Awareness - Are you under pressure?

Tyre Inflation Awareness - Are you under pressure?

17 Sep

By Clarissa Hearn

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On Monday 10th September our Weston Super Mare Branch Easyfit Auto Safety Centre - Team Protyre supported Highways England at Taunton Deane Motorway Service area (south bound) to share awareness of low tyre pressures with the public. The centre were offering free tyre inflations and vehicle checks particularly with the time of year being one where people travel the most.
The car park display stand which started at 9.30 am and ran till 3:30 pm was visited by 65 people and we did approximately 37 different tyre/vehicle checks throughout the day.
This is what some of our visitors had to say;
“Handy safety check for driving long distance – well worth it” – Benson, Wales
“Most impressed with the work and well done! Good idea for drivers” – Lynda Smith, Bristol
Irene Stewart, Road Safety Engineer for Highways England told us:  
“Tyre related incidents are a big problem on our network and therefore it is critical that we get out there raise awareness, remind and encourage people to check the condition and pressure of their tyres on a regular basis. […]People might think that slightly underinflated tyres won’t be a significant problem, but when combined with other risks such as [a] tread depth of less than 2mm (legal limit 1.6 mm), heavy rain, high winds or the need to quickly steer around an obstruction, the effect on a vehicles handling and the risk of losing control can be very significant and all too often end in tragedy”
Highways England are keen to progress further tyre safety events in the near future, particularly focussing on our younger drivers.  

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