Tyre Safety Month 2021 – What’s stopping you?

Tyre Safety Month 2021 – What’s stopping you?

01 Oct

By Jason Simms

Tyre Safety Month has arrived for 2021, and this year Britain’s motorists are being asked “What’s stopping you?”
Organised by renowned tyre safety charity, TyreSafe, Tyre Safety Month is an initiative run throughout October every year to promote and raise awareness of the importance of correct tyre maintenance, including the dangers of defective and illegal tyres – an initiative that we are proud to support here at Protyre.

For the 2021 campaign, TyreSafe want to further educate drivers on the importance and benefits of tyre safety, so they have developed impactful and realistic depictions of families, loved ones and young drivers in a bid to resonate with a range of audiences and to highlight the potential stakes of driving on deficient tyres.
Using their acronym of A.C.T., TyreSafe are working to encourage drivers to carry out these three checks once a month:
  • Air pressure
  • Condition
  • Tread depth
There are approximately 32.7 million people who hold a full UK driver’s licence, around 2.97 million of which are young drivers aged 17 to 24, with 38.6 million cars registered on the roads. Regular tyre checks significantly reduce the risks of an incident whilst driving, however an estimated one-in-five motorists have never checked the tread on their tyres. This is a startling number which rises to one-in-three among young drivers – meaning that there are potentially 6,936,000 drivers who have never checked their tyres and could be driving with dangerous defects.
Check out the video for this year’s campaign below:
By asking “What’s stopping you?” not only are motorists reminded of the benefits and importance of regular tyre checks, but the question also carries the literal message that, as the only point of contact between the road and the vehicle, tyres are crucial for safe and effective braking and cornering.
Checking and maintaining tyres regularly also helps to reduce the cost of motoring as underinflated tyres will wear far quicker and cause the vehicle to use more fuel.
If you are ever unsure about the condition of your tyres, or if you would rather have one of our qualified and experienced tyre technicians take a look at your tyres for you, book a free tyre check with your local Protyre today. Our team will be able to asses the overall condition of your tyres and advise on any problems they may see, including chronic over- or under-pressure and tyre damage that could pose a risk if ignored.
So… what’s stopping you?
Book A Free Tyre Check
To read out more about ‘What’s Stopping You?’, to find out more about why it’s important to A.C.T., or to read tips for prolonging the lie of your car click the button below to visit the campaign page.
’What’s Stopping You’ campaign

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