Protyre visit Domino's offices for Tyre Safety Month

Protyre visit Domino's offices for Tyre Safety Month

09 Oct

By Dean Richardson

Protyre visited the UK offices of food giant, Domino’s, in October but surprisingly, it wasn’t for their delicious pizza!

As part of Tyre Safety Month 2019, Protyre are encouraging drivers to pop down to their local Protyre garage and get a free tyre check to ensure their tyres are both legal and safe. However, for the lucky staff at the Domino’s offices in Milton Keynes and Warrington, Protyre brought their mobile fitting van and skilled tyre technicians to perform tyre checks on their cars.
The team from Jeffreys HPT – Team Protyre, carried out 220 tyre checks at the Warrington office and for offered some professional advice to the Domino’s employees about the importance of tyre safety and the dangers of driving on illegal tyres.

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Protyre also visited the Milton Keynes office where they carried out a further 320 tyre checks and educated staff on tyre maintenance and how to check tyres are legal. As it’s Tyre Safety Month, why not book your vehicle in for a free tyre check at your local garage?
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