Tune into TyreSafety…literally!

Tune into TyreSafety…literally!

11 Oct

By Clarissa Hearn

On Friday 12th Protyre will take to the airwaves to promote tyre safety with renowned charity TyreSafe and Who’s the Mummy blogger Sally Whittle @swhittle.

Sally took part in our 2017 Tyre Test Day at Rockingham to test part worn vs budget vs new tyres. To hear about the day, you can read her blog post.

“It was like the difference between scary, terrifying and absolutely terrifying! When you’re in the car with worn tyres, the amount that you travel is much bigger, and the skid much bigger. Trying the new tyres back to back with the budget brand made me realise how poor the budget tyres performed too.”
Catch us on the below stations!

From To Station Region
09:30 09:45 Central FM Forth Valley
09:45 10:00 North Manchester FM Manchester
10:00 10:15 BBC Radio Tees Teside
10:15 10:30 BFBS Radio UK National
10:30 10:45 Source FM Cornwall
10:45 11:00 97.5 Kemet FM Nottingham
11:15 11:30 Sino Radio (Panda Radio) London
12:00 12:15 Express FM Portsmouth
12:15 12:30 106.9 SFM Kent
12:30 12:45 Radio Saltire East Lothian

Tyre Safety Month is promoted by national tyre safety charity Tyre Safe. A study it ran in conjunction with Highways England in 2016 found that 27% of cars, some 10 million vehicles, are driving with at least one tyre at or below the legal tread depth of 1.6mm.

Are your tyres safe & legal?

Book a free tyre safety check now at any one of our centres

FREE tyre safety check
Protyre are supporting public pop up tyre check events – to find out where we will be next check our Facebook page.

For more information on Tyre Safety Month, visit or dedicated TyreSafe section.

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