Bib takes a trip to Basingstoke

Bib takes a trip to Basingstoke

29 Oct

By Clarissa Hearn

During the last week of Tyre Safety month Micheldever Tyre & Auto – Team Protyre joined forces with Michelin’s iconic mascot Bibendum, affectionately known as ‘Bib’, to share tyre safety knowledge with the people of Basingstoke!

Set up in the Sainsburys Hatch Warren car park, Micheldever technician Adam and his trusty companion performed a number of tyre and car safety checks for the shopping general public during the busy bank holiday weekend.

Chris Perry, General Manager for Micheldever Tyre & Auto – Team Protyre said
“At this time of year with the weather changing, it’s never been more important to ensure you have the right tyres on your car and that you are checking all its essential fluids. Fluids like screen wash will freeze if not properly maintained and can cause long term damage to the vehicle if left untreated.”

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