Continental's Vision Zero

Continental's Vision Zero

16 Oct

By Tom Boote

Area manager Neil Jones and members from Leeds Protyre centres attended Continental’s Vision Zero live demonstration at Leeds East Airport of Thursday October 12th. 

What is vision zero?

Continental has set itself an ambitious goal to produce products to support a future with zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents on our roads.

Live demos at the event included:

  • Latest Safety Systems - See first-hand how Continental technology like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) can reduce front and rear-end collisions.
  • Educating Drivers – Providing common distractions to see how people deal with them when behind the wheel showing why it’s so important to keep your eyes on road at all times.
  • Don’t chance it, Check it! - The crucial role tread depth and inflation pressures play.
  • 1.6mm v 3mm - The braking difference between tyres with 1.6mm and 3mm of tread on wet roads.
  • Premium vs Budget - Both cars are exactly the same except for the tyres, the differences are real and can have more of an effect on the vehicle than you may think.

Protyre are championing tyre safety month throughout October and supporting manufacturers in sharing the same goal to get unsafe tyres off the road.

To read more about Continental Vision Zero go here
To see what Protyre are doing for TyreSafety month click here

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