The revolutionary Michelin Pilot Sport EV2

The revolutionary Michelin Pilot Sport EV2

18 Oct

By Tom Boote

In motor racing, tyres are very often one of the most significant factors that impacts on a car’s performance, as well as the outcome of the race. In Formula E, tyres play an even more important role.

That’s because the notion of energy efficiency is one of the founding principles of Formula E and, when it comes to tyres, the target is to minimise rolling resistance.

As you know, Protyre work’s with Michlin, which is Formula E’s official tyre supplier, as the global tyre fitting partner for Formula E. Thanks to the use of new technologies and advanced materials, this season we’ll be fitting Michelin’s latest-generation MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV2, which have a rolling resistance that is 16 percent lower than that of its predecessor.

The tyres are also lighter with 1.1kg and 1.4kg off the weight of the front and rear tyres respectively for a total saving per car (two fronts, two rears) of 5kg.

Not only that, there is an environmental benefit too, since fewer raw materials need to be consumed, shipped and recycled. Meanwhile, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV2 gets up to temperature more quickly and delivers superior grip on wet roads, proof that less can effectively mean more!

The tyres also boast a number of firsts too – the first 18-inch single-seater racing tyre; the first single-seater racing tyre capable of competing in dry and wet conditions; and the first tyre capable of lasting an entire race meeting.

Pascal Couasnon, director of Michelin Motorsport, said: “When the FIA Formula E Championship was created, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV revolutionised the question of tyres in motor racing. The package of its patterned tread, interior diameter of 18 inches and longevity was a first for a world class single-seater series.

“When developing the second generation of this tyre, we worked in the same direction and the result is a product which takes us a step further forward in terms of energy efficiency. Formula E is a discipline where success is dependent on the drivers’ ability to regenerate energy and store it in the cars’ batteries, so this is clearly a crucial factor! The Season 3-generation of cars will consequently benefit from extended range and no doubt enhanced performance.”

Technical data

  • Size (front/rear): 24/64-18 / 27/68- 18 (equivalent to 245/40R18 / 305/40R18 using the road tyre system)
  • Width (front/rear): 245mm / 305mm 
  • Tread width (front/rear): 240mm / 270mm 
  • Side wall height (front/rear): 98mm / 122mm 
  • Exterior diameter: 18 inches
  • Weight (front/rear): 8.8kg / 10.9kg
  • Type of tread pattern: asymmetric, non-directional 
  • Number of tyres taken to each race: 200 (160 new tyres + 40 from the previous race).

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