Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 scoops four test awards in 2018

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 scoops four test awards in 2018

20 Nov

By Tom Boote

Since 1898, Goodyear's tyre innovation has lead the company to become one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world.

‘New thinking’ has consistently been at the heart of Goodyear’s approach since 1943 when their major research facility was established. It has since become the birthplace of thousands of patented innovations. These innovations produce numerous award wins every year.
Leading Automotive European magazines chose the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 as one of the best All Season tyres on the market. The Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 has been recognised with four test awards from European Magazine testing in 2018 alone.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 tyre awards

Auto Bild – 1st out of 27 All Season tyres tested
What they said: “All round talent with excellent driving performance and good price-performance ratio, good steering and dynamic handling on snow covered and wet roads.”
Auto motor und sport – 2nd
What they said: "Easy to control, stable and safe on snow, well balanced on wet surface, 'honest' and sovereign on dry asphalt."
ADAC/TCS & Auto Zurnal – 3rd
The Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 was awarded with two 3rd place finishes in well-established European tests by ADAC/TCS and Auto Zurnal.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 features

  • Excellent year-round performance: The Vector 4Seasons adapts to seasonal changes with the help of Goodyear's Weather Reactive Technology. SmartTRED design features specific tread zones that adjust to road conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly: It’s all-weather compound means the tyre also gives you more mileage and a flatter contour spreads pressure evenly.
  • Traction for all road conditions: High-density 3D waffle blades that provide excellent ice and snow traction. The snowflake symbol means it meets the official standards of dedicated winter tyres.
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What did the consumers say?

So, most importantly, what did the consumers say about Goodyear’s award-winning Vector 4Seasons Gen-2? On average, consumers give the Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 the following ratings:

  • 87% for Wet Grip
  • 87% for Comfort

Goodyear launches customer rating badges 

Goodyear have teamed up with the UK’s leading independent tyre information source, Tyre Reviews, to create new tyre rating badges – exclusive to Goodyear. These badges are created using the thousands of reviews collated from the Tyre Reviews website and support industry claims Goodyear make about their products.

The award scores are based on independently sourced consumer reviews taken from, the UK's leading independent source of online tyre information. 

Goodyear are proud to launch new rating badges based on independent consumer reviews to help road users make a more informed choice when purchasing Goodyear tyres. 

"Our consumer reviews offer drivers a unique and independent evaluation of the top products available on the market, helping consumers make an informed purchase with peace of mind". 

Jon Benson,

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