Faringdon Ladies Afternoon Tea

Faringdon Ladies Afternoon Tea

01 Nov

By Clarissa Hearn

Last weekend Faringdon centre manager Nikki Ham hosted an afternoon of tea and tips to the local ladies of Faringdon as part of an initiative to help break the stigmatism of women in garages and support Tyre Safety Month.

Over 20 customers came to the event and were greeted by Nikki and her team as well as Steph Savill from Foxy Lady Drivers Club.

Foxy Lady Drivers Club was established by Steph after her daughter had a bad experience at a garage. Steph was shocked and made it her mission to help women feel at ease and empowered in an intimidating masculine industry.

After much discussion around garage fears and disaster stories from other garages they had used, the ladies were split into three groups and guided to advice stations to cover topics of interest:

  • How to change a wheel at the roadside
How to Change a Tyre
  • Checking/top up oils and coolants
How to Check Car Fluids
  • Checking tyres and tyre choices
How to Check your Tyres
The session lasted 2hrs and the feedback was positive with lots of useful knowledge leaving the event to be shared with their friends and families.
Each attendee got a goodie bag with useful information and a complimentary gift membership for Foxy Lady Drivers Club as well.

Are you part of a group or organisation that would benefit from an event like this? Get in touch with your local centre today to find out what you can do or email customerrelations@protyre.co.uk

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Clarissa Hearn

Clarissa is the Marketing Communications Executive for Protyre. Managing Protyre’s social media, PR and events keeping up to date on the latest automotive news and activities across the UK.  

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