Protyre and Michelin sponsor 2017 MSN Circuit Rally Championship

Protyre and Michelin sponsor 2017 MSN Circuit Rally Championship

20 Nov

By Tom Boote

Protyre Motorsport the approved tyre supplier who service every round of the Motorsport News (MSN) Circuit Championship, on behalf of Michelin, their sponsorship partner. In previous years, Protyre Motorsport has represented Michelin Tyres but this season is the first year that they have sponsored the event alongside the leading tyre manufacturer.

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The MSN Circuit Rally Championship consists of 8 rounds across the UK covering various locations in England, Wales and Scotland. The competitors will tackle around 50 miles of varying terrain and obstacles on each stage, including; traversing water, jumps, crests, dips and the classic hand brake turn!

The competition encourages any ‘rally-prepared’ cars to take part with competitors driving a wide variety from the modern WRC spec Subaru Impreza to the classic Austin Mini Cooper S.

How the points are divided

Championship points:

Championship points are awarded to competitors who finish from 1st to 28th place based on their overall finishing position against the other competitors. Only the best seven results are taken into consideration, allowing for one stage of mishaps, which can occur due to the extreme pressure the cars endure across the Championship. The winner will be the driver who collates the most points.

Class Points:

These are awarded to competitors who finish between 1st and 10th place against other drivers in the same class. Following the same format as the Championship Points, only the drivers’ best seven results will count with the winner being the driver who accumulated the most points during the season.

Check out the current MSN Circuit Championship standings by clicking the button below:

For more information on the MSN Circuit Rally Championship, visit their website:

Highlights from Round 1 of the MSN Circuit Championship:

The Protyre Challenge

The Protyre Challenge is a competition that provides MSN Circuit Rally Championship competitors, with smaller budgets, the opportunity to compete for honours and win tyres from Protyre. It is a separate challenge, integrated into the MSN Circuit Rally Championship, which is run over four rounds (1-4 & 5-8).

To enter, competitors must be in either, Class A, B, or C and run on 15” wheels with tyres purchased from Protyre. All tyres for the Protyre Challenge are purchased through Protyre Motorsport. These are usually pre-ordered by competitors and brought to the events by Protyre Motorsport.

Click the link below to view the current standings for the Protyre Challenge:
To find out more about Protyre Motorsport, click the button below:

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