Protyre lends its support to TyreSafe’s latest awareness campaign #ItHappenedToMe

Protyre lends its support to TyreSafe’s latest awareness campaign #ItHappenedToMe

16 May

By Dean Richardson

Protyre is proud to be supporting TyreSafe’s latest awareness campaign #ItHappenedToMe which calls upon people to send in their stories where they have suffered from a tyre-related incident.

By using the hashtag, or by submitting your story here, this will help to promote the crucial message of how important it is to regularly have your tyres checked as well as other essential routine vehicle maintenance.

Whether it’s a tyre puncture, discovering your spare tyre isn’t usable or something even more serious, TyreSafe is encouraging you to get in touch.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said:

“The personal stories of those involved in tyre-related incidents were a powerful motivation for those who came together to form TyreSafe ten years ago and for all who have worked with the charity since. It’s all too easy to lose sight of the fact that behind casualty and breakdown statistics there are often traumatic experiences affecting not only the lives of drivers but also everyone involved including other road users, families, friends and the attending emergency service officers. We must remember, one person suffering as a result of an avoidable incident is one too many.

“If you think sharing the story behind your tyre-related incident might stop it happening to someone else, TyreSafe’s team urges you to contact us.”

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