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Why fitting tyres 2 by 2 matters


The animals went in two by two
Hoorah! Hoorah!
The animals went in two by two
Hoorah! Hoorah!

Funny things nursery rhymes.  No-one really knows where they came from, having been passed down from generation to generation, with most originating from old proverbs or local sayings.  It is even believed that few were written with children in mind, yet most nursery rhymes we know today have become verses, chants and poems spoken or sung to small children to amuse or soothe them.

And that is especially true with this particular nursery rhyme.  Whether young children had any inkling of Noah, the Great Flood, or the Ark that he built to save a breeding pair of every animal from potential extinction, most quickly learnt the saying that animals went in “two by two”.

In the same way, at protyre autocare we want our customers to remember a similar phrase, although in our case it is:  

“Tyres go on two by two”

If you get a puncture in just one of your tyres, or you find that the tread has eroded on one side of your vehicle only, it can be tempting to just replace the failed item, given that a full set of tyres can make a serious dent in your wallet.  But there are some very good reasons why you should always replace both tyres on the same axle – if not all four on your vehicle:

  • only fitting one tyre will create an imbalance on the axle that can lead to steering, grip and stopping issues – especially in the wet and when cornering

  • this imbalance can cause your vehicle to use more fuel

  • pairing an old tyre with a new one will often cause unpredictable performance

  •   if you need to perform an emergency stop, your car could potentially veer to one side… which is not good if that’s into a lane of opposing traffic

  • it is much safer to purchase a pair of tyres in the same condition from the same tyre manufacturer

  • your car may be fitted with safety devices such as ABS, Traction control or Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) which were all developed on the basis of matching tyres.  By mixing tyres, these systems may suspect a fault giving you an error message on your dashboard

One way to look at it is to consider changing a pair of worn out shoes – would you wear a nice, new trainer with lots of grip on one foot, with a tatty older shoe on the other?!

So, what should you do now?  At protyre autocare we have built our 5-star reputation on providing best advice to customers, and our guidance is to always replace your tyres two by two.  Why not book in at your local protyre autocare centre for a FREE tyre check?  You can do this online or by contacting your local centre directly.  We can then advise you of your options, and right now we have a number of special offers on pairs – and full sets – of tyres.  Hoorah!

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By Garry Mantle
Garry is a Regional Technical Trainer for protyre autocare, after his many years as a qualified technician and MOT tester, he can share his knowledge to the protyre autocare techs to provide the best expertise to our customers.
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