FALKEN AZENIS FK510 receives “Exemplary” rating in the Big Auto BILD Summer Tyres Test

FALKEN AZENIS FK510 receives “Exemplary” rating in the Big Auto BILD Summer Tyres Test

10 Mar

By Alistair Crumley

For the fourth time in a row, a Falken summer tyre has achieved the title “exemplary” in the big Auto BILD Summer Tyres Test. This year, the Falken premium model in the ultra-high performance segment, AZENIS FK510, again achieved a place among the top ten of the summer tyres tested, finishing in seventh. A total of 50 summer treads were tested in the dimension 245/45R 18 100Y on a BMW 5 Series.
“Summer treads with stable and secure handling qualities, short wet braking distances, a quiet noise when driving by, high mileage and a very good price-performance ratio” are the strengths attributed to the Falken AZENIS FK510 by the independent testers.
To get into the main test alone, the tyres had to be subjected to a brake test on wet and dry road. At starting speeds of 100 km/h (dry) and 80 km/h (wet), the Falken tyre qualified for the main test with 30.7 m on wet road and 36 m on dry road, with 20 finalists participating in the main test.
Here, the Falken tyre was able to add to its success, the tyre achieved first place among the finalists. The AZENIS FK510 achieved second place in the mileage section. With 39,063 calculated kilometres, the tyre is not even 6,000 km behind the first-placed tyre in this section. The results in aquaplaning and curve aquaplaning show that safety does not have to be sacrificed for tyres with an outstanding price-performance ratio. With an aquaplaning speed of 95.5 km/h and a lateral acceleration of 3.66 m/s2, the Falken AZENIS FK 510 secured a place among the top ten in this section. Additionally, with a braking distance of 48 m from a speed of 100, the Falken tyre achieved a place among the top ten in this section as well.
“We are very proud to have achieved the ‘Exemplary’ rating in this renowned test,” says Andreas Giese, Senior Manager Corporate Planning and Product Planning at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH. “The results in the other sections, such as lateral guidance and handling, are also very good. Here, we have shown once again that with the quality of our tyres we can very much hold our own in the premium segment.”
The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 has been on the market since 2016 and is now available in 93 sizes, 17 to 22 inches, in the series 25 - 55. It has the speed symbol W and Y or (Y), which means that the tyres have been approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h or > 300 km/h.

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