COVID-19 Update - Protyre remain open and operational at this time

COVID-19 Update - Protyre remain open and operational at this time

01 Apr

By David Sholicar


We are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic daily and take the situation extremely seriously. We seek government advice and we respond accordingly. Our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of all our staff, our customers and the general public in all decisions we are making.

Even with reduced customer numbers, those customers that we see are the very people who really do need our services to get to and from their essential jobs. They get nurses to hospitals, workers to supermarkets and food warehouses, volunteers to the pharmacy, and parents to the food shops. Our centres help keep the UK’s civil and military forces, utility providers, ambulances and grocery retailers on the move. We thank our front-line staff for their continued dedication.

The government wants us to stay open as long as possible to ensure that we can provide that support. We will continue to do so for as long as it is viable and safe to do so. We will continue to seek advice and review the scale of our services daily.

To continue to service key workers, those in the transport sector and those supporting our local communities we have taken the decision to deploy our resources more effectively and limit the risk to our staff. As such, from the 1st of April we have closed 26 of our smaller centres, where we can support essential workers and the local communities from another nearby Protyre garage.

To find your nearest open centre you can use our dealer locator.

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We will continue to make updates to this page detailing our position and the precautions we are taking.


Why are we staying open:

Protyre is committed to supporting the Government and its position in response to the Coronavirus.

Our garage staff have already, in line with government guidance, been listed as key workers allowing their children to still attend schools. Our frontline staff involved in tyre distribution, vehicle maintenance and repair, MOT testing and other repairs fulfil the criteria of Key Workers and are critical to keeping the road transport network moving.

Many of our customers, both individuals and organisations, including emergency workers, teachers and those providing vital community services rely on us to ensure their vehicles are road worthy and safe.

As of the 23rd March 2020, garages are listed as an exception to retail closures for the vital services they provide. More detail can be found here.

Keeping staff and customers safe

We are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of this virus and keep our staff safe:
  • We are deep cleaning our centres daily.
  • Our staff are using new gloves and seat covers on each vehicle.
  • Our staff wash their hands before and after every job.
  • We are asking customers to stand behind 2m marked lines so we can observe social distancing.
  • We are minimising all forms of contact - and asking for contactless payment where possible.
  • We are setting up the PDQ payment machines on a plinth away from the counter and cleaning them regularly.
  • We are creating an orderly queuing system for customers to wait IN their cars only asking customers to come into reception to pay.
  • We are continuously briefing all our staff on the latest company guidance and policies for safeguarding their health.

For customers who are anxious about contact:

  • We can offer a ‘contactless’ service where you can leave your car with us if you are concerned
  • We can offer a collect and deliver service by arrangement with your local centre
  • In certain areas, we can offer a mobile fitting service, ask your local manager for details

If you need any special assistance, please call your local garage manager and they will be happy to provide whatever help they can. Thank you to all our staff and customers for their continued support, we wish everyone well.

Our website and other social channels will be fully updated with the latest status as and when the situation develops.

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