Open. Safe. COVID-19 Secure

Open. Safe. COVID-19 Secure

01 Oct

By David Sholicar


Since the lockdown was announced in March we have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic daily and have responded to all government advice. Our number one priority and guiding principle to all our decisions has been to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all our staff, our customers and the general public.  

Lockdown is being slowly eased and new guidance has been issued to ensure safety in the workplace. Our garages have remained open during lockdown as the Government needed us to provide an essential service. Having read the latest guidance we can confirm that we are a COVID-19 Secure business and have signed the COVID-19 Secure declaration.

See our COVID-19 Secure declaration here

As lockdown eases, there will be more people making journeys to work and the extended MOT due dates mean many of those vehicles being used will facing crucial delays to their essential maintenance. The responsibility for a vehicles maintenance and roadworthiness lies with the owner. If your car is not safe you could face fines up to £2,500. So it is ever more vital that we are here to help our customers stay safe and legal when driving. 

Even with reduced customer numbers, those customers that we see are the very people who really do need our services to get to and from their essential jobs. They get nurses to hospitals, workers to supermarkets and food warehouses, volunteers to the pharmacy, and parents to the food shops. Our centres help keep the UK’s civil and military forces, utility providers, ambulances and grocery retailers on the move. We thank our front-line staff for their continued dedication.

See our incentre protocols

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We will continue to make updates to this page detailing our position and the precautions we are taking.


We have carried out a risk assessment as per the governments advice and we have shared the results with our people. You can view a copy of the risk assessment here.

Keeping Staff and Customers Safe with Hygiene Protocols & Social Distancing in the Workplace

We are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of this virus and keep our staff safe:

  • We are deep cleaning our centres daily.
  • Our staff are using new gloves and seat covers on each vehicle.
  • Our staff wash their hands before and after every job.
  • We are asking customers to stand behind 2m marked lines so we can observe social distancing.
  • We are minimising all forms of contact - and asking for contactless payment where possible.
  • We are setting up the PDQ payment machines on a plinth away from the counter and cleaning them regularly.
  • We are creating an orderly queuing system for customers to wait IN their cars only asking customers to come into reception to pay.
  • We are continuously briefing all our staff on the latest company guidance and policies for safeguarding their health.

For customers who are anxious about contact:

  • We can offer a ‘contactless’ service where you can leave your car with us if you are concerned
  • We can offer a collect and deliver service by arrangement with your local centre
  • In certain areas, we can offer a mobile fitting service, ask your local manager for details

If you need any special assistance, please call your local garage manager and they will be happy to provide whatever help they can. Thank you to all our staff and customers for their continued support, we wish everyone well.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Update

As of 24th July it is mandatory to wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets. At Protyre we ask for anyone visiting one of our garages to comply with the new rule in a bid to help control COVID-19.

It has been mandatory to wear masks on public transport and in NHS facilities since 15th June, however these new measures are being introduced to not only help give people confidence that it is safe to shop but also to enhance the protections in place for shop workers.

Although the new rule will not apply to retail staff, we can assure you that all Protyre staff will be equipped with face coverings and any relevant PPE.

Working from home

The nature of our business means that working from home for many of our staff is not possible. However, we have made provision for any staff who can work from home and they will continue to do so. This ensures that any and all risks are minimised.

We will continue to keep our website and other social media channels fully updated with the latest status as and when the situation develops.

Micheldever Group

Protyre is the retail division of the Micheldever Group and we have carried out detailed risk assessments for each division and have all the necessary cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures to make our working environment safe and secure. We operate our business from 14 warehouses, 7 wholesale sales offices and 158 garages across the UK. We are following government guidance on social distancing and have postponed all non-essential meetings and visits until further notice, using telephone and conference calls in place of meetings where possible. We are observing 2m social distancing rules in all our premises for any staff and any retail customers present.

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