Part worn tyres - a clear and present risk to road safety

Part worn tyres - a clear and present risk to road safety

14 Mar

By Jason Simms

TyreSafe are reminding drivers about the alarming dangers of purchasing part worn tyres as the recent convictions of retailers demonstrates.

Following investigations by the tyre safety charity and Trading Standards into cases in Scotland and London, it was revealed just how dangerous and illegal the tyres that were being sold to the public were. In each case, thousand-pound fines and stiff penalties were issued to the retailers.
Last year, Trading Standards officers prosecuted the owner of Springside Tyre and Valet Centre in Irvine, Scotland, after the hearing revealed tyres with an 80mm nail through a sidewall and a socket embedded in the tread had been on sale to the public. He was given a 120-hour Community Payback Order for breaches in product safety and consumer protection regulations.

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This year three dealers were prosecuted within two months. The first, Director of Grays Tyres (Kingsbury) incurred a fine of £3,600 and was ordered to pay £1,112 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.
The second, Director of S & F Tyres Ltd (Kingsbury) pleaded guilty on behalf of himself and his company. They were both fined £2,500 each and were ordered to pay £1,122 costs, plus a £50 victim surcharge.
The third dealer to be prosecuted was the Director of Pennant Tyres (Willesden) who was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay costs of £1,117, plus a victim surcharge of £75.

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“The continued vigilance of Trading Standards teams the length and breadth of the UK means at least some illegal and unsafe part worn tyres are being removed from the market. However, it is clear we are just scratching the surface of a trade where a completely unacceptable level of professional incompetence and worryingly high proportion of dangerous products are being sold. Nobody is arguing for an outright ban of part worns but when over 60% of tyres inspected by Trading Standards and TyreSafe are unsafe to return to the roads, it is clear that the sale of part worn tyres all too often represents a clear and present danger to road safety.
“Until this scandalous situation is resolved, TyreSafe urges motorists considering buying part worns to think again.”

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe

During Tyre Safety Month in October 2018, a shocking 99% of the 68 part worn tyre retailers investigated were not complying with the regulations governing their sale and 75% of tyres inspected were dangerous.

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