A quarter of parents are unclear of child car seat laws

A quarter of parents are unclear of child car seat laws

06 Mar

By Tom Boote

New research by Confused.com has revealed that on average, one in four (24%) of motorists with children under the age of 12, are unclear around child car seats laws, with a minority even giving up on using them all together.
The research also revealed that one in eight (12%) parents find choosing the correct car seat for their child, taking their weight and age into consideration, is confusing due to the excessive choice in today’s market.
Confused.com have developed a child car seat calculator to help parents determine the correct car seat for their child. Simply select the weight category and the calculator displays the style of car seats that are suitable for your child.

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Some parents are so confused about the laws around child car seats, they giving up using them all together. One in seven (14)% admitted that they never use a car seat and more than a third (37%) not using one on at least one occasion. The reasons behind this include:

  • 39% believed their child didn’t need one
  • 17% claim they were only making a short trip
  • 12% took the risk because they didn’t know how to fit the car seat
It is unsurprising that parents are confused around child car seats with multiple laws running at the same time and the differing height and weight seat requirements.
The i-size law, states that children up to 15 months of age must be rear-facing with 45% of parents seeing it as positive to help keep children safe, however, more than a fifth (21%) find it confusing.
The research revealed that, shockingly, a quarter (25%) parents surveyed plan to turn their child’s car seat to forward-facing when the child is under a year old, which unknowingly puts their child at greater risk, in the event of a collision.

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To help clarify this matter Confused.com have also written a handy guide that explains the change in legislation and provides some helpful tips.

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