Protyre Asphalt’ has its first eSports champion

Protyre Asphalt’ has its first eSports champion

03 Jun

By Paul Evans

After five very closely fought Protyre Motorsports UK Asphalt Rally Championship eSports battles, the series has its first champion – ewantindall.
With two ‘Protyre Asphalt’ DiRT Rally 2.0 tournament wins each, it was winner takes all as ewantindall and NickyL555 went into the grand finale at Rally Germany.
The pair were separated by just over seven seconds going in to the final Rally Germany stage, as the destiny of the title came down to the last night time run through the 7.25 mile Hammerstein test.
Both using a Volkswagen Polo GTI R5, ewantindall took the final stage win (his fifth in Germany) to emerge as event victor by just over 13 seconds and Protyre Asphalt Rally eSports champion by 13 points!
NickyL555, who recorded two fastest times in Germany, came home a very close runner-up in the tournament.
The battle behind the top two in Germany was equally as fierce, with Suter555UK taking third place, some 30 seconds back. Fourth place in Germany went to leetindall on his first rally of the tournament and fifth to RichardCrozier on his first start – but it was the battles behind the top five where the final overall podium tournament positions would be decided.
MightyGoose had been holding third in the series after Round 4, but could only manage 16th place on the final round. With YarnBarn coming home in seventh place, it was YarnBarn who took third overall in the series, five points ahead of MightyGoose. Banksy87 was just two points behind with fifth place in the championship, after finishing sixth in Germany.
The final ‘Protyre Asphalt’ top 10 was completed by gary6920 in sixth (who finished eighth in Germany), samri98 in seventh (18th in Germany, enough to drop behind gary6920), JJoines in eighth (13th in Germany), novrally140016v taking ninth (10th in Germany) and ChrisRally finishing 10th (15th in Germany).
Suter555UK showed some great speed during the series, but missed out on a top 10 tournament finish by just four points.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the first ever ‘Protyre Asphalt’ DiRT Rally 2.0 tournament.
‘Protyre Asphalt’ eSports tournament
Round 5 – top 10 finishers
1. ewantindall (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5)….28:55.37
2. NickyL555 (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5)….+13.27
3. Suter555UK (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5)….+43.48
4. leetindall (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5)….+50.70
5. RichardCrozier (Ford Fiesta R5)….+51.10
6. banksy87 (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5)….+57.46
7. YarnBarn (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5)….+1:00.84
8. GaZzAp6920 (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5)….+1:09.19
9. badger_sloth (Mitsubishi Space Star R5)….+1:20.33
10. novrally140016v (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5)….+1:27.71
‘Protyre Asphalt’ eSports tournament
Final Top 10 leaderboard after Round 5
1. ewantindall….392pts
2. NickyL555….379pts
3. YarnBarn….379pts
4. MightyGoose….274pts
5. banksy87….272pts
6. gary6920….245pts
7. samri98….238pts
8. JJoines….234pts
9. novrally140016v….220pts
10. ChrisRally….214pts

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