Hunter School Tyre Donation

Hunter School Tyre Donation

19 Jun

By Tom Boote

Earlier this week Hawleys Tyres – Team Protyre in Sheffield donated tyres to local school Hunter's Bar Infants as part of a learning enrichment programme implemented by teaching assistant Simone Machin-Cowen.

Simone tells us a bit more about the project below:

“I have just graduated with first class honours in Early Years from Sheffield Hallam University. During my final year, I completed my dissertation on the use of the outdoor area in mathematics. Within that project there was a strong focus on the vital role of adults. This was the adult acting as a co explorer alongside the children. Not dictating their learning and play, but investigating and exploring the world alongside them.

I'm currently collecting all sorts of bits and pieces; tyres, guttering, wood planks, milk crates...right down to smaller things like bottle tops and old cutlery etc. These things are called loose parts in the world of Early Years (0-5yr olds)! The idea is that they have no set use or learning intention that the children are required to follow, and it allows the children to explore and be creative using their imagination to use the loose parts in many different ways. 

Children don't follow the rules of how things are "supposed" to be used in the same way that adults do. A plastic crate can be a boat in the same way that an upturned chair makes the perfect turret for a castle!

We would love it if other local businesses would be willing to offer donations to our currently small collection of loose parts. 

Thank-you so much for your prompt response and delivery of tyres to our school! As you have seen the children are already enjoying using them.”

If you would like to contribute to Simone’s project at Hunter's Bar Infants, please contact and title it ‘FAO of Simone’.

We love to support the local community at Protyre. If you have a project you would like to enquire about please contact


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