The best things come in small packages

The best things come in small packages

23 Jul

By Paul Evans

They often say that the best things come in small packages – and the man behind the Protyre Motorsport UK Asphalt Rally Championship live streaming service, Wayne Goldring, would certainly agree.
With no rallies to film, Wayne has been getting his rally fix by creating some incredibly life-like miniature die-cast model rally cars.
His latest creation is a scaled down version of Jason Pritchard’s double Protyre Asphalt Rally Championship winning North Road Garage Ford Focus WRC 05.
And to be different, Wayne’s preference isn’t the more common 1:43 scale size – but the much smaller and scarcer 1:64 scale.
As an example of quite how small that is, a six foot tall human (1828 metres), recreated on a scale of 1:64, would stand just 28.5mm high!
It’s intensely intricate and dainty work, with all the graphics created from scratch – with each a car taking up to 24 hours to build.
Wayne starts off with a normal die-cast model of a rally car, repaints it and adds the decals – which he re-designs and re-draws on computer, from pictures supplied by Protyre Asphalt Rally Championship photographer Mark Sims.
Rally cars that cut the mustard and make it into his cupboard collection are the ones that evoke special memories – and along with Pritchard’s Focus WRC, Wayne has created David Stokes’ Escort Mk1 and Colin McRae’s Vauxhall Nova.
“I taught myself how to create these miniature models – I thought I might as well do something creative with all the unexpected spare time I’ve had on my hands during lockdown,” says Wayne.
“I prefer the small scale models, because they are different and you can’t buy them in the shops.
“You are a little limited on what rally cars you can recreate, because you can’t find all the cars you want in the smaller scale – but once again, that’s all part of the appeal.
“I do it purely for fun. I haven’t been commissioned to make any for drivers, but it’s not an impossibility!”

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