All-season tyres could be ideal for your vehicle

All-season tyres could be ideal for your vehicle

04 Jan

By Gwyn Fennell

Have you heard about all-season tyres? They’re also known as all-weather tyres, and there’s been a lot of talk about in the press and online lately. All-season tyres are a relatively new option to drive on, but more and more motorists are choosing them, instead of more traditional dedicated summer and winter tyres. As their name suggests, all-season tyres are designed to be driven all year round – instead of having to switch between summer and winter tyres.

Leading premium tyre makers, like Continental, now offer drivers a range of all-season tyres, for cars, SUVs and vans. Their selection of tyres includes the award winning AllSeasonContact™, regarded as one of the best all-season tyres on the market, and winner of the highly coveted  Auto Express All Season Tyre Test this year. This win made it a unique hat-trick of Auto Express Tyre Test Awards for Continental in 2018 – a tyre industry first – to go along with top marks for their PremiumContact™ 6 summer and WinterContact™ TS 860 winter tyres.

Great all-season tyres provide great all-round performance

The traditional summer and winter tyres you typically drive on are specifically optimised to work at dramatically different temperatures. Each seasonal tyre type utilises a compound that is highly engineered to cope with this difference in temperature. All-season tyres use a type of compound that includes some of the qualities found in each of summer and winter tyres – but not all of characteristics.

This means that although all-season tyres will perform better than summer tyres in cold weather conditions, and vice versa, they’re not an exact like-for-like replacement for either. Why? Because they can’t offer the very highest levels of performance that specialist summer and winter tyres provide. As a result, all-season tyres can only deliver some of the qualities of both tyre types – not quite the best of both worlds, but not far off.

That said, given the type of temperatures and driving conditions we typically experience in the UK, all-season tyres are ideally suited to the British climate; our summers are not especially hot, nor our winters too cold – and it’s very rare for us to experience any sustained periods of extreme weather.

Should you consider fitting all-season tyres?

All-season tyres, like Continental’s award winning AllSeasonContact™, are worth considering…
  • …If you live in a part of the UK which has mainly mild temperatures, including during winter time…
  • …If you’re driving mainly in urban areas, where the streets are regularly cleared of snow…
  • …If the amount you’re driving is of limited mileage every year, and you’re not particularly over dependent on your car.
If this is you, all-season tyres are a credible alternative to fitting summer and winter tyres, and worth considering.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Continental’s AllSeasonContact™ is so highly regarded. It offers drivers impressive grip on snowy and wet winter roads, along with good braking performance on both dry and wet summer roads (we get a lot of the latter, right?!). The AllSeasonContact™ also delivers reduced fuel consumption, thanks to being best-in-class for rolling resistance performance.

Fleet owners and managers can benefit from all-season tyres too

All-season tyres aren’t just for car drivers. Their good all year round characteristics are a great option for van owners and fleet managers too, offering some of the benefits of both summer and winter tyres in one product. This presents a good opportunity to reduce tyre expenditure, and help to relieve the strain on already stretched maintenance budgets.

There are dedicated all-season tyres for vans and light commercial vehicles, such as Continental’s Vanco™ FourSeason 2 and VanContact™ 4Season, which not only deliver good braking and safety performance, but higher mileage and reduced fuel consumption too. That’s potentially a good return on investment for fleet owners.

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