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Opening my post and emails this morning brought a mountain of actions for me to do – a letter reminding me to tax my car, an email to not forget to renew the TV license, plus a reminder to renew my golf membership.  But there was one that was missing – that if I had not been sharp, could have got me a £1,000 fine – and that was the reminder to get my car MOT-ed.

It seems odd, but the Government don’t automatically send out MOT reminders, yet every vehicle that is more than 3 years old needs a valid check… every year.  Whilst you can opt-in to get a reminder from the DVLA, if you can’t remember when your MOT is due, are you really going to remember to do that?  Fortunately, if you have had your vehicle MOT-ed at Protyre, we send you a reminder every year – usually in the post, by email and with a follow up SMS text message.

But not everyone does that, so is it any wonder that over 2 million cars on Britain’s roads are believed not to have a valid MOT certificate?

In 2023 the UK Government opened a consultation on whether a new car’s first MOT should be extended from the current three years to four or, possibly, five; as well as asking whether MOT Tests should be performed once every two years, instead of annually.  There was an overwhelming response to leave the current system as it is, with the Government receiving more than 4,400 responses.  Organisations such as TyreSafe argued vehemently that extending MOTs would increase the risk on Britain’s roads, citing that a large proportion of motorists do not check the condition of their vehicle’s tyres regularly enough, and for many, the only time their tyres are looked at, is when the vehicle is submitted for its MOT or service.

At Protyre we believe that an MOT is essential in keeping Britain’s roads amongst the safest in the world.  The MOT test covers major safety items such as brakes, steering and suspension, plus your tyres and wheels.  It looks at electrical equipment including lights and the horn as well as your vehicle’s wiring.  Seat belts are checked alongside registration plates, the speedometer and VIN number.  Mirrors are confirmed as secure, that there is no major damage to your windscreen that would obstruct your view, and the exhaust and fuel systems are checked for leaks and that emissions fall within legal limits.

But let’s be honest – an MOT is not cheap.  The Government set the maximum fee, which is currently £54.85 for a car and £29.65 for a standard motorcycle.  Interestingly, you would pay more in other countries – in Germany a general inspection costs €150 (around £128) – and when seen alongside gym memberships of £40 a month or Sky subscriptions of £45 a month, is pretty good value, given that an MOT is an early warning system for much more expensive faults or problems.

At Protyre we have built our 5-star reputation on providing best advice.  We also recognise that not everyone can readily find the money for an MOT or service, so we can help you spread the cost of your MOT (via Klarna), and we usually have an offer or two available – especially if you combine your MOT with your annual service – which along with saving you money, is one less thing to remember!

So, what should you do now?  Firstly, check when your MOT is due – we offer an MOT checking system, so put your registration number into here, and have a look.  If it is due, book yourself in online or by contacting your local centre directly.  Booking it in also allows you to plan your time properly, so you do not have to wait around nor take extra time off work.

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