Everyday Battlers chase their dreams with Bridgestone

Everyday Battlers chase their dreams with Bridgestone

10 Feb

By Brett Emerson

Many people will know by now that Bridgestone is a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympics Partner, while even more of you will know that the Tokyo Games will be upon us later this year.

With this in mind, we’ve been busy bringing our sponsorship to life to the general public as anticipation builds towards the world’s biggest sporting spectacle. Take our Everyday Battlers campaign, which recently reached out to people to overcome their physical and mental obstacles to chase a number of life-changing goals – and prove to themselves that nothing is impossible.

In total nine battlers –  all with unique personal stories to tell and struggles to overcome - participated in the inspirational activity, which began in June and concluded with a 10k run at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park back in September.

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The nine participants all had their own heartfelt personal reasons for signing up for the challenge, including memories of lost ones who are continuing to inspire and those with serious health issues which they’re refusing to give in to.

Take Sarah Dring, aged 41, who wanted to make her three children proud after a wretched 2019, in which she lost her step son to a road traffic collision, as well as her uncle in another family bereavement.
After completing the 10k run, she said:

“I’ve proved that I can achieve something. My message to other people is to ‘do it.’ You can do anything when you put your mind to it. If I can do it then anyone can do it. I have been really down in the past, but this whole process has proved that good times are always around the corner and you can get through the dark times.”

We enlisted the help of Olympic Games Rio 2016 gold medallist Chris Mears and performance psychologist, Professor Greg Whyte for the challenge, both of whom provided both mental and physical support during everyone’s journeys.

Synchronised springboard diving champion Chris was the ambassador behind the unique task for the group to conquer. He called on all his experience of having to fight to realise his own dreams against all odds, when he almost died from a ruptured spleen as a 16-year-old.

The nine ‘Everyday Battlers’ embody the spirit of our Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign to complete the challenge, gaining a life skill that will empower them to chase their own dreams. Chase Your Dream, No Matter What aims to encourage people of all ages, abilities and passions to find the strength to overcome the obstacles they face on life’s journey. It brings to life our goal of keeping people safe and on track on life’s journey - just as our tyres do on the road - whatever the conditions.

To see the Everyday Battlers campaign in all its glory, watch the video below:

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