Protyre Southport saves customer over £1000 with DPF product

Protyre Southport saves customer over £1000 with DPF product

27 Feb

By David Sholicar

In November 2018, Protyre customer Mr Thompson brought his Nissan Qashqai into the Southport branch of Protyre to get a second opinion. The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) light had come on and after visiting the local Nissan Dealer, they quoted £1200 to replace the DPF.
Paul, the Protyre Southport Garage Manager suggested that they try to restore and renew the existing DPF. Paul utilised the ProTec DPF/Cat spray which was injected straight into the DPF and then poured one can of ProTec DPF Powerclean directly into the Fuel Tank. In less than an hour the DPF light was off and vehicle was good to go.
Mr Thompson was delighted with the result, as not only did he make a substantial saving, his car was fixed within an hour and has experienced no problems at all since. Here’s what he had to say:

“I was very happy with the service I received and the solution, the Protec DPF Cleaner was excellent, it worked very well and it was a quick process for me to wait while I had it done. Plus, I’ve had no issues at all since.”
He added:
“Thanks to Paul and the team for their excellent service as always, going above and beyond as standard!”
Protyre saved Mr Thompson £1080 and he later returned to Protyre Southport for a full service. For more information on DPF and Oxicat products click the button below:

DPF & Oxicat
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