TyreSafe Police Initiative

TyreSafe Police Initiative

30 Jan

By Clarissa Hearn

During this week TyreSafe have been handing out tread depth gauges to Police constabulary’s nationally.
Area Manager Rob Gardner (pictured right) was a guest on Tuesday 30th at the Worcester and Staffordshire Police constabulary as part of the TyreSafe initiative to encourage police offers to remember to check tread depths on tyres when stopping vehicles.
Inspector Andrew Bennett (pictured far left) met with Rob and Jason Simms (TyreSafe) and gladly accepted the cards to hand out to his on the road enforcement team (two of which are pictured above).
TyreSafe will be presenting at the Police Federation Conference on January 31st which provides an opportunity to discuss tyre safety with police forces nationally and to announce its support for the NRPIF initiative of handing out tread depth gauges to police forces and regions across the country.

Are your tyres safe and legal?

Did you know, you can be fined £2,500 and get 3 points on your license per tyre if they are found to be under the legal tread depth limit. 

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