Macbook winnings with Bridgestone

Macbook winnings with Bridgestone

26 Feb

By Clarissa Hearn

Earlier this year Bridgestone we’re offering lucky customers an ‘apple a day’ prize by drawing entrants into their promotional itunes voucher giveaway to also receive an Apple tech goodie.

One said lucky customer was Philip Maud who purchased Bridgestone tyres from Alba Tyres - Team Protyre in Leeds, Horsforth.

Philip (pictured with the staff of Alba Tyres - Team Protyre in Leeds, Horsforth receiving his prize) was very pleased with his prize and praised the centre highly telling us ‘[The] Horsforth Alba staff have given me years of SUPERB service: very professional, always a choice of tyres to fit my specific requirements’

Philip went on to tell us that Alba Tyres - Team Protyre had supplied different tyres for his car when he needed to pull a caravan as well as providing regular, vital safety checks on his wife’s car who as a childminder recognises the risks of poor tyres when carrying ‘precious cargo’.

Congratulations Philip we hope you enjoy your prize!

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