Campaign rids UK roads of 60,000 dangerous tyres

Campaign rids UK roads of 60,000 dangerous tyres

05 Dec

By Clarissa Hearn

Our road safety campaign has successfully removed just over 60,000 poorly maintained or illegal tyres from UK roads after our teams around the country performed free safety checks on almost 250,000 van and car tyres.

On average, each Protyre centre identified and removed around 2,600 tyres that either had a tread depth of under the legal limit of 1.6mm, or another defect that made the tyres dangerous.

We were also able to undertake further tyre checks during special events held in supermarket carparks in partnership with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service.

The campaign took place during October’s Tyre Safety Month, where the key message to motorists was ‘Don’t chance it, check it!’. This was particularly important as data recorded by TyreSafe, the national tyre safety charity and promoter of Tyre Safety Month, indicated that up to one in four cars on UK roads could have had at least one tyre at or below the legal tread depth limit of 1.6mm during 2016.

Simon Hiorns, Protyre’s retail director, said: “This was a great effort by all involved to not only check and remove so many illegal and dangerous tyres, but to also educate thousands of motorists about tyres and safety.

“Tyres are the only part of a vehicle in contact with the road surface, so the less tread a tyre has, the less grip it will have, which severely compromises a vehicle’s ability to accelerate, corner and brake.”

Stuart Jackson, chairman TyreSafe, said: “TyreSafe applauds Protyre’s efforts to remove so many dangerous and severely worn tyres from Britain’s roads. Now we’re in the midst of winter, having tyres in good, roadworthy condition is particularly important to reducing risks of an incident while driving. No matter how new your tyres are, they need to be checked at least once a month and before long journeys for air pressure, condition and tread depth – don’t chance it, check it.”
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Clarissa Hearn

Clarissa is the Marketing Communications Executive for Protyre. Managing Protyre’s social media, PR and events keeping up to date on the latest automotive news and activities across the UK.  

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