The Gender Gap in 100 Drivers

The Gender Gap in 100 Drivers

29 Aug

By Clarissa Hearn

From what seems like the dawn of the motor vehicle, the age-old debate of ‘who is the better driver?’ has divided men and women across the country.
In new research explored by, the UK insurance comparison site, despite common misconception – women are ‘better’ drivers than men.
In the scrolling microsite released earlier this week you can clearly see the battle of the sexes unfolding over topics such as insurance claims, test pass rates and criminal convictions. For example, the animation reveals men are FOUR TIMES more likely to commit a motoring offence than women.
The interactive animation displays the information in an easy you understand format by simplifying the driving population into 100 dots.

Interactive Animation

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Clarissa Hearn

Clarissa is the Marketing Communications Executive for Protyre. Managing Protyre’s social media, PR and events keeping up to date on the latest automotive news and activities across the UK.  

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