What should I check after my motorbike has been serviced?

The first thing to do when your bike is returned is to check that the service history has been fully completed and all the work on the invoice has been logged. This is important for your own records and is also helpful when it comes to future motorcycle servicing. It can also be important for insurance purposes and in the event of a future mechanical problem. Finally, a good service record is a good selling point if you decide to sell your well cared-for bike to someone else.

Agreeing a service routine

The best time to ask for advice about future servicing, as well as ongoing maintenance such as tyre changing, is when you get your bike back from a service. Catch the engineer while everything about your bike is still fresh in his or her mind. Although the garage will have recorded any major issues and observations in writing, there could be other useful details and snippets of advice.
For example, it is very useful to have an estimate of when your tyres will be due for replacement. Given an approximate date you can start budgeting for a good set of Pirelli or Bridgestone tyres instead of scraping around for cash at the last minute and ending up with budget ones. Our tyre professionals are the ideal people to advise you about the possible benefits of different kinds of tyre. We are not tied to any manufacturer so will always discuss the relative merits of brands such as Dunlop, Pirelli or Michelin impartially.
Also talk to our qualified fitters about intermediate motorcycle servicing: lighter checks and maintenance between full services. These are especially worthwhile for older bikes or those that take a hammering off-road or on the track. Also ask about the best engine oil.

Checking the mechanic’s work

No matter how skilled the mechanic, some bikes have hidden or hard to diagnose issues. Take your motorcycle for a gentle test drive just to make sure no problems are obvious. If there are, call the garage immediately and ask them if it is okay to bring it back for them to investigate. Providing they have a vacant test bay or parking space they will always agree to double-check. Also, it is only good sense after a service to do a few easy checks, such as confirming the oil is fresh, the filter is new, the chain lubricated, and your tyre pressures correct.
Protyre garages and technicians are thoroughly vetted, trained and certified so it is extremely rare for there to be mistakes on your service records or checks.


Motorcycle servicing does not normally include external cleaning and polishing unless you have agreed it beforehand. That said, a good garage will have wiped down any grease smears left from the service. In order to fully protect our customers from infection, Protyre’s technicians make a point of using antiviral wipes and sprays before returning everything to the owner. If you want to confirm this don't be afraid to ask.
Finally, having received back a well-tuned machine we would recommend finishing the job with a soft sponge and wax.

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