Tyres for Yamaha MT-125 Motorcycle


Although many people assume that 125s are starter bikes for younger riders, the MT-125 is probably the best in its class with its powerful looks and an engine that feels as capable as a heavier bike. It has the nimbleness around town to appeal to commuters of all ages and the robustness and mileage to take on long distance tours. Tyres for a Yamaha MT 125 motorcycle need to respect these capabilities whilst being mindful of riders who may be less experienced. Good road grip in wet and dry is essential, along with stable manoeuvring at speed.

Of relatively less concern for a lighter bike with an already-excellent mpg are factors such as durability and fuel economy, which are often bigger issues for heavier machines. Yamaha points out that compared with other 125s, the MT-125 is well-suited for a pillion. If you intend to ride two up, you will appreciate good weight-bearing in your rear tyre and a little extra durability will not go amiss.


Choose the right tyres for the Yamaha MT-125 Motorcycle 

The front wheel is rated for a 100/80-17 tyre, with a 130/70-17 on the back. The first number is the width, the second describes the tread depth - rim to edge in proportion to the radius - and 17 is your rim size. Another number probably evident on your current tyres denotes their load-bearing limit.

Lettering is also present and tells you the maximum speed that a bike should be able to achieve using the tyres. Officially the top speed of the MT-125 is 87mph, but this does not allow for tail winds and inclines. We recommend that you do not fit tyres lower than H rated, although S would arguably suffice (speed ratings do not adhere to alphabetical order). Consult your manual or call Protyre for exact advice if you are unsure.

Recommended tyres include the Bridgestone Battlax BT-45 for its great all-round street performance, manoeuvrability in town, safe cornering in the wet, and durability for long tours. Zigzag centre grooves provide high-speed stability, while smaller, directional grooves eject water from beneath. A large crown contributes to rider comfort. More affordable but still with great all-round performance is the Continental ContiTwist Supermoto; for the rear, the ContiGo could be an upgrade. Michelin Pilot Street tyres are also very sound.

If you plan to fit a pillion or take advantage of your high mileage to do some serious touring, the Pirelli Sport Demon is known for good load-bearing stability.
Yamaha says it designed the MT-125 to make you feel proud, but any of the above tyres will support this feeling. Remember that Protyre provides expert advice and can often provide same day fitting.