Tyres for Yamaha MT-10 Motorcycle


Yamaha bills this bike as the 'most remarkable' of its kind developed by the company. It is essentially the naked take on the R1 sportsbike and immediately took on the BMW S1000R when it was launched.

It has a 998cc engine, and Yamaha claims it can manage 165bhp at its back wheel. There is no doubt that it is eye-catching, as it has aggressive styling to match its power potential, but you will need the right tyres to keep it performing as it should. Good tyres for a Yamaha MT 10 motorcycle will also help to keep you safe, something which is vital if you want to have as much fun as possible on this powerful bike without putting it or you at risk of harm.

Choose the right tyres size for the Yamaha MT-10 Motorcycle

When choosing tyres for your Yamaha MT 10 bike, you have to think about the size you need and your personal requirements and preferences. You will want tyres that match both your bike and your riding style, and you need to consider such specifics as compound, speed rating and brand.

If you're not sure what size tyres you need for your bike, have a look at the side of the ones already on your Yamaha and read the information printed there. This will give you all the information you need, such as width, rim diameter, load rating and speed rating.

You may also look to the original tyres on your MT 10 for inspiration. It originally rolled out of its factory with Bridgestone Battlax S20 EVO tyres, which are renowned for their dry and wet grip, but there are plenty of choices available.

It is normally the best idea to replace tyres with the same size as the original ones, but you can experiment with small differences in style or size if you're confident enough.