Tyres for my Yamaha MT-07 Motorcycle

Fun and affordable sum up the Yamaha MT 07, which is a favourite bike with both new and more experienced riders. It has a 689cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with superb acceleration, as well as a compact, lightweight chassis for great agility and easy handling. Yamaha has built this bike for optimum riding enjoyment. It is powerful but light, with outstanding fuel efficiency. It's perfect for everyday use or for riding short distances, so this is a good buy for an enjoyable way to get to work or college. People like the MT 07 for its ride quality, reliability, value and running costs.

Find Motorcycle Tyres

To get the most from your bike, you need to look after it well, which means storing it properly, keeping it maintained and riding it properly. It needs regular cleaning and waxing. It's also best to park it under cover or in shade. Before riding, you should check the tyres, fluid levels, lights and controls. Keeping your motorcycle serviced regularly will also ensure that it is kept at its best for many years.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to check the tyres, as these are essential for safety. The tyre pressure should be checked and the tyres should be replaced if the tread is getting worn. If you need your tyres checked or need new ones, Protyre can help. There are various tyres for a Yamaha MT 07 motorcycle, and we can advise you on these. You will need to check your tyre size to ensure performance and hold on the road for your Yamaha MT 07. There is a lot of choice out there, but we would certainly recommend getting the best tyres that you can afford - after all, they are all that stands between your bike and the road.

Also bear in mind, where you do the majority of your driving as this will influence the right tyres for you. For instance, Michelin and Pirelli have some sport tyres offering quick warm-up and grip, Dunlop has competition tyres which are great if you compete in sporting events or rallies, and Maxxis and Heidenau have urban tyres, which are hard-wearing. Depending on where you live, you will also need to consider the usual weather that you are riding in, so you get tyres which are most suited for wet or dry performance or even snow.