Tyres for my Triumph Street Triple Motorcycle

If you are looking for aftermarket tyres for a Triumph Street Triple motorcycle, it helps to know a little about the bike itself. This 675cc three-cylinder street bike offers punchy performance and the superb agility of a Daytona sportbike chassis that is lightweight and super manoeuvrable. This is a bike built from the ground up to offer a fun and adventurous riding experience.

Performance meets power

Do you want thumping torque and howling peak power? The Street Triple's three-cylinder engine delivers, from its highly-responsive acceleration all the way to the 12,500rpm redline. From city streets to open countryside, the Street Triple delivers.

Unlimited thrills

The perfect combination of handling balance, steering geometry and suspension makes the Street Triple an agile and easy-to-use bike, whatever your riding style. Add in a sophisticated ABS modulator, cool and classy analogue and LED instrumentation and advanced fuel injection and engine management for supreme throttle control and responsiveness and you have the ultimate stripped-back and thrill-loving ride.

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Sheer style

Infinitely customisable, with accessories including the easy fit quick shifter, the colour-matched belly pan and CNC-machine dog leg levers, the Street Triple oozes street style. The Street Triple is Triumph's best-selling street bike and no wonder - with the iconic looks and performance of the Daytona and the Speed Triple in its DNA, this is a real-world version that anyone can ride. 

Bridgestone five-layer technology

Bridgestone Battlax BT-016s are the OEM tyres for the Triumph Street Triple and feature Bridgestone's five-layer compound technology, which is usually used to produce MotoGP tyres. These ultra-high-performance radials offer high grip, linear handling and solid road contact thanks to the five-compound approach, while S-shaped grooves give optimal cornering and stability. 
Always run your tyres at the recommended pressure, as this can impact fuel economy. A less aggressive riding style will also ensure longer-lasting tyres.

Ask the experts

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