Tyres for my Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle


The Triumph Scrambler motorcycle is a spectacular feat of engineering, style and ingenuity. The design and inspiration for this adored machine is drawn from the 1960s and the tough dirt bikes competing out in the desert for the fun of it. These motorbikes were adored by the best off road bikers and made iconic by Steve McQueen, who rode them both for sheer pleasure and competitively, most famously at the 1964 International Six Day Trial (ISDT), located in East Germany. 

At Protyre, we know all about bikes. Our team is made up of experienced technicians who are bike trained and we use the best bike fitting technology. We stock over 20,000 tyres from all the leading manufacturers - but that doesn't mean we are keen to steer you towards a particular style of tyre. We want to hear about your riding experience, your bike and what you are looking for before we begin suggesting tyres.


In the meantime, let's look at the ideal tyres for a Triumph Scrambler motorcycle, that effortlessly cool symbol of adventure and freedom. This bike's manufacturer fits its 19 inch front wheel with Metzeler Tourance tyre - a solid all-weather tyre - offering smooth rolling over long distances, as well as subtle and exact handling.

The Avon Distanzia is a biker favourite because of its ability to blend off road ruggedness with exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions. Avon Distanzia tyres are long lasting and available as Bias-Ply and Radial. Bias-Ply refers to the crossed plies of cord which are arranged diagonally towards the centre of the tread. For radial tyres, the cord plies are placed 90 degrees radially (in the direction of travel, from the centre of the tyre). 

Another insider favourite is the Michelin Anakee 3 adventure tyre, offering smoother street riding as well as being able to cope with casual off-road riding, which mirrors the stylish blend of street and off-road capabilities of the Scrambler. 

The ContiTrailAttack 2 tyre suits the Scrambler's off-road spirit. This tyre offers short braking distance, exceptional grip in both dry and wet conditions and a special compound called Black Chili that encourages fast warm up. Another adventurous Continental tyre, the TKC 80 Twinduro is a solid all terrain, all weather tyre, ideal for the Scrambler's rugged temperament.