Tyres for my Triumph Bobber Motorcycle

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a muscular and minimalist motorbike that strips everything right back to basics for a performance machine with a stripped-back, hardtail look. 

Classic Good Looks, Modern Power

The chassis, suspension and frame are optimised to give you a supremely comfortable and dynamic ride with innovative custom design choices that give the rider total control over their riding style. Rider-focused technology is neatly hidden so as not to compromise the sleek and brutal beauty of this genuine factory custom.
The Bobber's high-torque 1200cc Bonneville engine is category-leading, and designed to surround the rider there is a wall of pure Bonneville sound thanks to the extra torque and power down low. With over 150 accessories, the Bobber is fully customisable for a bespoke experience but with all the authentic Bobber features, including the authentic battery box, drum brake hub and rear mudguard loop.

Find Motorcycle Tyres

Avon Cobra for Performance and Handling

Triumph have selected Avon Cobra as the OEM tyres for a Triumph Bobber motorcycle in 100/90-19 (front) and 150/80-16 (rear) sizes respectively. These tyres are optimized for performance and stability and are tube type for use with spoked wheels. 
The Avon Cobra tyre combines sports tyre technology with agile handling plus incredible longevity, making them ideal for touring. You'll enjoy the aesthetics too, with the feature snakeskin sidewalls and whitewalls on some models and the aggressive tread pattern. 

Get Your Tyre Selection Right

Any rider knows that the right tyres can have a huge impact on braking and steering. Because your tyres are the only point of contact with the road, choosing the right tyre for your bike can make all the difference when it comes to your safety.
Once you've made your selection for the Triumph Bonner, you'll need to take it easy for the first 100 miles, so don't use them under full speed or power - a conservative riding style will always help tyres last longer. Run your tyres at the correct pressure and you'll also maximise fuel economy. Over-inflate and you'll run into trouble in hot weather when pressure increases. Under-inflate and you'll pay more at the pump.

Ask the Professionals

At Protyre, the local garage you can trust, we're the experts in tyre selection, so book into your local Protyre garage and we'll be happy to help.